In this episode we discuss our 40k armies, why we play them, and how they might be expanded upon in the future!

Ty and myself cover the Spectre Operations ruleset, a fantastic Ultramodern Ruleset that is equal parts lethal, quick and realistic. Come join us for ...View Details

In this weeks Podcast we cover Team Yankee's 'New' Army boxes, and see if they are worth your money and time! We are overall very happy with them! We ...View Details

Andrew, Ty and our guest Chris discuss how 3D printing has changed our hobby, and what we like, dislike and love about what it provides. We also discu...View Details

In this episode we talk about our 2nd most favourite tabletop game, Team Yankee! We discuss our chosen nations, what units we like, our journey into p...View Details

We talk more about the shortcomings and advantages of 3D printing and the Very British Civil War, as well as talk about our newest units for the setti...View Details

Andrew and Ty talk about their Very British Civil War project, and talk a little about the setting. This is a passion project of ours, and we ramble o...View Details

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